Saturday, January 27, 2007

Narnia (2005)

Last night, we watched the Narnia film again on DVD. Of course, I loved the books as a child. They prepared me to read The Lord Of The Rings, even though the stories really cannot and should not be compared, they are so different. The Narnia film is incredibly uplifting. It is rich with meaning on several levels, the main point being that it is not enough to prove one's love just by being nice - niceness won't save anyone of itself, but rather one must be willing to sacrifice in order to save the beloved. The film creates a feeling of having glimpsed a great and imminent victory. Like true art, it speaks to the viewer on a deeply personal level. It also seems to address so many things that are going on in the world. (Narnia under the White Witch is a land where it is always winter but never Christmas. Christmas is banned. Not only Christmas but many outward expressions of faith are outlawed in places around the world.) It is amazing how some movies, like The Passion and the LOTR all seem to materialize at crucial moments in history; yet even ten years ago "Narnia" could not have been made; only now is the technology just right. Yes, it is the struggle of good and evil retold, but the battle is for nothing without Aslan's immolation. Share

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