Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saint Agnes of Rome

"Today is the birthday of a virgin; let us imitate her purity. It is the birthday of a martyr; let us offer ourselves in sacrifice. It is the birthday of Saint Agnes, who is said to have suffered martyrdom at the age of twelve. The cruelty that did not spare her youth shows all the more clearly the power of faith in finding one so young to bear it witness." ( From a treatise On Virgins by Saint Ambrose, bishop, in the Roman breviary.) Share


Anonymous said...

"the cruely that did not spare her youth..." reminds me of the cruelty of abortion that does not spare the lives of so many unborn children. As people all across the US are marching in protest of the tragic, legalized murder of unborn children, the feast day of this holy little child comes in such close proximity to remind us of the purity and dignity of all children, whose lives we must protect.

May God bless you and your dear family,

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Georgette, I was thinking the same thing! Very true!