Monday, February 4, 2019

Supporting the Catholic Arts

From Joseph Pearce at Faith and Culture:
In the past, great artists enjoyed the patronage of wealthy patrons. Today’s artists enjoy no such patronage. Instead they rely on ordinary people to support their work, and by extension their families, through the purchasing of the fruits of their creative gifts. Since this is so, we all need to become patrons of the true art that Catholic artists are producing. We need to buy their paintings, or purchase the literary works of Catholic writers, or the works of Catholic composers and musicians. If we wish to support and encourage a new Catholic revival in the arts, a revival which is so sorely needed as an expression of the culture of life in the midst of the culture of death, we need to proactively nurture and nourish the new generation of Catholic artists.

In the past ten years or so, there has been a dramatic increase in the quality and quantity of Catholic art being produced. There seem to be more Catholic painters and sculptors, supported by the Catholic Art Guild; more Catholic poets, novelists and short story writers, supported by the Catholic Writers’ Guild; and more Catholic composers and musicians. There is, however, an unhealthy divide between the supply of true art and the demand for it amongst Catholic lovers of the arts. Those who admire the visual arts are more likely to buy books about old masterpieces than new works of Catholic art; lovers of literature are more likely to read the classics than new fiction and poetry written by Catholic authors and poets; music aficionados are more likely to buy works by the great composers than new works by contemporary Catholic composers. This is not to say (of course!) that we shouldn’t be admiring the masters who have so enriched our Catholic heritage, but it is to say that we need to be supporting the living tradition that is alive and well and in our very midst. (Read more.)

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