Friday, February 1, 2019

A Letter to Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic from a Rabbi

From The Spectator:
In America we protect the biased Left mediacracy — people like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. These people report mostly true on local interest stories like a county fair or a new restaurant, but they intentionally distort and lie deliberately on national public-interest stories. You know that first-hand because you now have experienced it directly. That is why the President calls them “the enemy of the people” — because they are. They deliberately distort the truth and reality of what is happening in order to mislead the public into believing an alternate reality. When Walter Duranty of the same New York Times did that during the Stalin Years, he and theNew York Times contributed to the murder of millions of people who otherwise might have been saved if the truth of the Holodomor had come out. Instead, the people died, murdered by the enemies of the people. The same New York Times in a small way helped Hitler gas, bury, and incinerate millions of Jews during the Holocaust by hiding his crimes from the public. Did you know that the Times ran 23,000 front-page stories from 1939-1945, of which 11,500 were about the World War — but only twenty-six about Hitler’s mistreatment of Jews? Of course these evil villains are the enemies of the people. 
This Left Mediacracy had a dilemma this year. You were part of a beautiful gorgeous group of pro-life marchers advocating and defending the lives of the unborn. The Left Media hate that. They even were more upset that the very next day, at the same D.C. where you were, there was to be a disastrous catastrophe for their cause, as the “Women’s March” would be crashing down decimated, attracting perhaps a tenth of the prior year’s turnout, now taken over by anti-Semites, anti-White racists, and woman-haters associated with and loyal to Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. So the Left Media was dead-set on creating some alternate story at the March for Life where you attended that would be able to distort the weekend narrative. (Read more.)

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