Sunday, October 17, 2021

Mary Queen of Scots' Strands of Hair

Mary was never the flaming red-head that Elizabeth I was. Rather she had chestnut hair, with auburn highlights. As she grew older and grayer she wore a variety of wigs. From The Daily Record:

Collectors of royal memorabilia are getting the chance to buy 400-year-old strands of Mary Queen of Scots’ hair – for £399 per half-inch. The 16th-century pieces come from a larger lock acquired from one of the UK’s leading historical hair collectors. It is believed the hair shows Mary may not have been the radiant redhead portrayed in the movies and history books. Daniel Wade, from ­Bristol-based Paul Fraser Collectibles, which is selling the hair, said: “It’s a step beyond Mary’s signature or an item of her clothing." (Read more.)


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