Friday, October 15, 2021

How To Get More Hours in Your Day

Homemaking is an art that requires planning and organization. From Finer Femininity:

How do you get more hours in your day?” Everyone is looking for that simple and easy secret that will give them that magic commodity called time. Unfortunately there isn’t one simple trick that makes everything flow together; however, if you can eliminate long searches for whatever you’re looking for it will help save time.

Group Your Shopping Trips Together

In your organizational/planning notebook keep a list of items you need to buy: books, videos, Christmas gifts, clothes, cosmetics, household items, birthday and anniversary gifts. When you see a sale or go to an outlet store, you can acquire what’s on your list. This will save time and a lot of money because you can shop sales.

Purchase More Than One Like Item

If you have frequent demands for items such as toiletries, pens, rulers, tape, and scissors, store several of each in strategic spots around the house. Don’t waste time running all over the house to obtain a basic item. This is especially true if you have a two-story home. An extra vacuum cleaner and cleaning items are great to keep upstairs.

Do More Than One Thing at a Time

Most women can multitask very easily with a little training. A cordless phone in the kitchen is a must. You can do any number of things while talking to a friend or relative.

Also develop a “to read” folder to take with you when you know you’re going to have to wait someplace. You can get caught up with all the junk mail, catalogs, magazines, letters, and correspondence.

And carry along a few blank thank-you notes so you can write friends. If you exercise and have an indoor exercise machine, this is also a great time to read a magazine or your favorite book as you work out.

 Cut Unwanted Calls Short

When salespeople, survey people, or people who just want to chat call and you’re busy, cut the calls short by learning how to handle these people graciously. These types of calls can really eat up valuable time.

One of the greatest inventions of our time is the answering machine. Turn it on and use it when you need to keep working on a project. Be sure you get back with your friends when you have time.

Determine What’s Important

This is where a to-do list really comes in handy. Each evening before going to bed or before leaving the office, I (Emilie) make a list of what I need to do tomorrow, and then I go one step further.

I rank items according to priority: one, two, three. The next morning I start working with number one, then go to number two. It’s not long before I’ve made a real impact on that list. As has been mentioned, it’s best to do the worst job first. By completing and deleting that item off your list, you are less stressed and can feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll be eager to tackle the next item on your list. (Read more.)


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