Monday, September 27, 2021

This Is Just The Beginning

 From Brian Cates:

The indictment of Sussmann is a huge tell about where Durham’s investigation is headed. Many commentators noted that this indictment could have been just a single page in length. All a prosecutor is required to do is establish the basic facts of the offense.  Instead of doing that, Durham spends 27 pages of the Sussmann indictment taking the reader on an extensive and detailed journey into a criminal conspiracy to create fake Russia scandal evidence and then approach federal agencies with it.

I made a note in my recent Substack column that Durham wrote this Sussmann indictment in such a way as to open a door and point himself right at both Hillary Clinton and Perkins Coie super lawyer Marc Elias.  The indictment makes it clear that Elias was intimately involved in the Alfa Bank hoax, supervising and directing Sussmann’s activities while carefully and meticulously billing the Clinton campaign for it.  That’s why I fully believe Elias is also going to be indicted.

How Did Durham Get This Stuff Anyway?

As I was reading the indictment, one thing that leaped out at me is that over it’s 27 pages it quotes extensively from internal documents from Perkins Coie such as billing records and email chains.

So the question that instantly formed in my mind was: How did the Special Counsel’s Office get their hands on these internal documents from Hillary Clinton’s law firm? Wouldn’t the attorney/client privilege have shielded this stuff from any grand jury subpoena? Suffice to say Perkins Coie and the Clinton campaign would not agree to give these documents up willingly. (Read more.)

Fraud vitiates everything, HERE and HERE. There was a definite pattern of cheating.


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