Sunday, September 5, 2021

Civilization and Reason Return

 From John Zmirak at The Stream:

This black-robed savage might lie about the U.S. Constitution, as Anthony Kennedy did in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. But he’ll know he’s making it up, as Kennedy clearly did. And everyone at NPR and Harvard and Twitter will nod along with the lie, fully aware, complicit, and guilty.

That’s what you need to understand. Pro-choicers are not sincere. They’re not mistaken, confused, or ignorant. They don’t even have the same excuse for human sacrifice as Carthaginians or Aztecs. They know no gods demand the death of children, that the sun won’t wink out if it isn’t fed with blood.

No, these modern people have slunk back, shamelessly, to the crass morals of slave-traders in 1859. They’re selling off the comely, “high-yellow” girls to whorehouses, and the strong-backed “young bucks” to sweat and die in the cane fields. They’re Romans in AD 32, coolly exposing unwanted infants, then sashaying to the “games,” to laugh as gladiators slash each other to death. They’re honorary members of the cartels who control our southern border, festooning them with “rape trees.” (Read more.)


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