Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Family History of Depression

 From PsyPost:

A new neuroimaging study provides evidence that the neural mechanisms underlying social cognition are altered among those with a familial history of major depressive disorder. The findings have been published in the journal Depression & Anxiety.

“I am interested in the study of theory of mind, that is the ability to infer the hidden mental states, such as feelings, preferences or goals of other people, and was curious about whether people suffering from depression have a change in their theory of mind cognition, which has mixed results in the research thus far,” said study author Lindsey Tepfer, a PhD student at Dartmouth College.

“Some studies have found evidence for altered theory of mind among individuals with depression, while others have not. Moreover, given the high heritability of depression, I wanted to explore whether people with a family history of depression might show symptoms of altered theory of mind as well, perhaps serving as an early sign that they will ultimately experience a depressive episode.” (Read more.)

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