Monday, September 27, 2021

The Christening of Prince Arthur

 From Virtual Grub Street:

We have already seen the lying-in instructions [link] that Margaret Beaufort wrote for her daughter-in-law’s royal servants and visitors. The weeks among lavish hangings and every possible protection, physical and emotional, ended in a successful delivery, mother and son both healthy by all indications. The kingdom had an heir.

The instructions are provided in the great antiquary John Leland’s de rebus Britannicis collectanea, V4, where we also are informed of details around the prince’s christening. All involved were aware that the condition of mother and/or child could suddenly decline. In those days, a royal child was baptized immediately in order to assure salvation should it suddenly die.

ON St. Eustachius’ Day, which was in the Year of our Lord M.CCCC.LXXXVI. the Dominical Letter A, and and the ijde Yere of the Reigne of our saide Souveraigne, the Prince Arture was born at Winchester, whiche was the firste begotten Sone of our said Souveraigne Lorde King Henry the VIIth, and cristened in Manner and Forme as ensueth,…

The John, the 13th Earl of Oxford, was at his seat, at Lavenham, at the time. (Read more.)


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