Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Pelosi: Abuse of Power

 From the New York Post:

Nancy Pelosi used to point her angry finger at Donald Trump, but she leaves him in the dust when it comes to busting norms, dividing Congress and causing mayhem. If anyone is to blame for the hyper-partisanship in Washington these days, it’s the spiteful House speaker. 

She behaves more like a Mafia don waging a gang war than a dignified, fair and honest presiding officer, which is what the speaker’s role requires. 

Pelosi abuses her power in ways that once were unthinkable. Her speakership has been the antithesis of Lincoln’s entreaty to “the better angels of our nature.” Everyone in Congress — and, by extension, the nation — has been sullied by the spite and vitriol she has injected into the political sphere. There is no grace or Christian charity, just the barren wasteland of the zero-sum game, power for power’s sake. 

It’s made all the worse by her increasingly frantic claims to be a “devout Catholic.” 

The fact that all this venom is packaged in the shape of a small, elderly, expensively shod woman has bestowed upon her an element of deference her actions do not deserve. But last week there were a couple of signs that she’s finally worn out her welcome.  (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

The Democrat leadership think they have the majority of the American people behind them because they really believe Joe Biden won the vote and backing of the American people. They blithely choose to forget how they rigged the vote and that there are 75 to 80 million of the rest of us. So even if they believe they can run roughshod over the Constitution and disregard what is best for this Country, their actions will eventually come back to bite them in the rear. I am a great believer in 'giving one enough rope to hang themselves', and I have lived long enough to have seen it happen. 'What goes around comes around'. Call it Karma, but people who believe they have power within themselves to do as they please, do not believe there is a higher power outside themselves.