Sunday, July 11, 2021

Inside The Frontline Battle To End Child Sex Trafficking

 From The Daily Wire:

When asked why the United States is the number-one consumer of child exploitation material, Ballard pointed to the hypersexualization of American culture.

“How do you become the demand? How do you come to want sex with a child? It starts with pornography,” Ballard said. “It starts with porn addiction. Pornography creates a chemical reaction in the brain. It’s a dopamine effect. It’s all part of a godly system in the brain that facilitates and encourages healthy marriage relationships and procreation. So, it’s like the counterfeit of that.”

Ballard compared an addict’s forays into child pornography to a person seeking progressively stronger highs from various drugs.

“You want the dopamine hit, so what do you do? What’s the equivalent of going from marijuana to cocaine? You go from twenty-two years old to fifteen years old. And when that doesn’t work, you go to ten years old. And when that doesn’t work, you’re going to fly to a high trafficking area and rape a seven-year-old. Because you’re that gone.”

“The country with the highest demand is going to be the country most exposed to sexual material,” Ballard said. “And so, what country is as large as the United States where everyone has access to the internet? None. So that’s my theory as to why the United States is the largest consumer.”

Ballard noted that by exposing children to sexualized materials, government schools are employing the same tactics as traffickers.

“Candace and I talked about teachers who are now teaching children to masturbate and to learn terms like ‘clitoris’ and ‘erection.’ As I said to Candace, this is exactly what the traffickers are trying to do to children. If they can get access, they will try to desensitize them by showing them sexual things. Now they have teachers doing it for them… you’re just softening up these children and making them ripe for victimhood.”

“Or, you teach them that sexuality is so okay that a fourteen-year-old on Instagram is showing as much skin as they can,” he continued. “If you’re paying attention, there are traffickers commenting under the photos. ‘Hey, you’re so beautiful, why don’t you come to a photoshoot?’ That’s how they’re recruiting kids into trafficking.”

“Anyone that’s pushing that mentality — especially in public education — the reader can decide who’s doing that,” remarked Ballard. “Whoever’s doing that is on the wrong side of history.” (Read more.)


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