Saturday, July 10, 2021

A Gathering Place


From Victoria:

As the heat of the sunny day fades to the cool of the evening, homeowner Anne Monfore offers cocktails to longtime neighbors whose children and grandchildren have grown up together, enjoying all the fun found in this close-knit community. She looks forward to these “porch parties” held during the summer season at her home, appropriately christened Mint Julep, as well as to the myriad activities offered here, from art classes and lectures to walks on nature trails. The cottage, built in 2004, mirrors the original Victorian dwelling, once known as Seldom Inn, which was destroyed by fire. “We used the same plan and footprint in rebuilding,” explains Anne, who has owned the property for thirty-five years. “All of the trim and fretwork was designed to replicate the original, and old materials of the era were used whenever possible.” (Read more.)



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