Friday, February 12, 2021

The End of Women’s Sports

 From The Real Deal of Parenting:

Between the Obama Administration and Biden’s first week in office, it’s hard to watch in silence as they destroy women’s sports. As upset as I get about the loss of scholarships, the injuries sustained by young ladies competing with aggressive boys, boys being in the girl’s locker room, and the complete dismantling of women’s sports all together, I get even more upset that our girls and young women are being bullied into simply accepting all of this.

No questions, don’t stick up for yourself, or we’ll make sure your entire life gets canceled.

Again, we are being shown that the agenda of the left is not progress, but submission. Women’s sports was progressing, gaining massive popularity, and even providing women with amazing opportunities, but that all just got stolen from them.

Why? I have a theory. (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

The Leftist/Communist/Socialist agenda in this Country creates their own science and have been allowed to get away with it for years.