Sunday, February 14, 2021


 From LifeSite:

Midwives in Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust are being told they must use the term “chestfeeding” alongside “breastfeeding” with postpartum mothers. Midwives must also use other “inclusive” language like “human” milk when talking about breastmilk, in order to appeal to the fewer than one percent of transgenders in the population.

The English hospital made the announcement about changes in policy regarding language on their website: “As part of our journey towards providing gender inclusive care for everybody we are working on updating the language on all of our resources, including our website and patient information leaflets.” (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

Men have chests, women have breasts. So next we are going to be given some sort of transgender name for the anatomically female organ and the anatomically male organ?? Society shames Holocaust deniers which is an historical event, what about gender deniers which is scientific fact..