Saturday, February 13, 2021

Secrets of the Ice

It seems the ice has been melting for hundreds of years, since the end of the Little Ice Age. From ArtNet News:

Global warming has unlocked hundreds of Viking artifacts from the ice of the Norwegian mountains in recent years. In November, archaeologists from the Secret of the Ice project, part of Norway’s Glacier Archaeology Program, discovered 68 arrows spanning a period of 6,000 years—a record for any frozen archaeological site—on the Langfonne ice patch, an ancient Viking hunting ground. A few months earlier, scientists announced discoveries that had been frozen in the rapidly melting Lendbreen ice patch, which was once part of a Viking trade route. Ice patches tend to preserve artifacts frozen inside them, but they grow and shrink with the seasons, allowing melt water to displace objects from where they were originally lost. (Read more.)


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