Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Remains of Antongona and the Merina Dynasty

From Ancient Origins:
Antongona consists of two archaeological sites that date from the 1500s to roughly 1800. The two areas, which are walled and fortified, are 984 ft (300m) apart. They are set on two high, rocky hills which was of great strategic value and offers an expansive view of the surrounding plain. Both sites are accessed by narrow, winding sets of flagged steps. The steep approach to the gates is narrowed by earthen works and to access Antongona, there are seven gates to pass through. These designs were used to obstruct and deter even the most determined attacker. Inside the walls lie the remains of various buildings of the former village. There are also two royal wooden houses built in a traditional Malagasy style, which were based on the designs of the tombs of early Madagascan kings. The site has a museum is dedicated to the history of Merina kingdom and its culture. (Read more.)

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