Tuesday, March 3, 2020

If You Want to Honor Judy...

Watch her films. From Film Experience:
Within the realm of Oscar races, there are few campaign strategies more annoying than the "honor the movie, honor the man" variety.  It's reserved for biopics, putting forward the idea that to shower a certain production in gold laurels is a way to retroactively reward a dead celebrity. This same logic was somewhat utilized to catapult Renée Zellweger towards her second Oscar win. Let's make one thing clear, Renée's win for Judy is a prize for her bold performance but in no way does this victory actually honor the Oscarless Judy Garland. You don't get to pretend you gave Judy an award Academy -- you lost that chance long ago!
Still, we appreciate that Renée mentioned Garland in her speech and that her movie might inspire people to watch more of the late star's great roles. After all, there's no better way to honor her memory than to explore her wonderful filmography... 
If you do you'll marvel at her craft and range in both musicals and straight dramas, weepy romances, and riotous comedies. Spanning from her teen star years in the 1930s to the naked despair of her last screen appearances in the 1960s, the star had one hell of a fascinating career. With that in mind, here we present a list of recommendations for anyone interested in honoring Judy in the aftermath of this year's Oscars…(Read more.)

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