Tuesday, March 10, 2020

François Boucher's Chinese Fantasies

The exhibition is now over but it was quite marvelous. From Museums Pass:
This exhibition will be devoted to one of the most beautiful curiosities of the museum, the series of ten paintings produced by François Boucher in 1742 to serve as models for the weavers of the Beauvais workshops, who will put on the trade for twenty years the second Chinese wall hanging. Kept in the museum since the legacy of Pierre-Adrien Pâris in 1819, who acquired them at the Bergeret de Grancourt sale of 1786, these modelli constitute the starting point for a reflection on the place of China in Boucher's art whose curators, Yohan Rimaud, curator in charge of fine art collections and Alastair Laing, associate curator, will propose a renewed approach. (Read more.)

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