Friday, March 20, 2020

The Media and the Coronavirus

From American Thinker:
The mainstream media are disgusting. That sentence could open every article about the mainstream media in a time of coronavirus. The media's hostility to Trump is so extreme that there is no lie they won't tell to damage him — never mind that doing so might destroy the American economy or cause other unimaginable harm to the American people.

In addition to lies, the media's other line of attack is to call everything Trump says or does "racist." When it comes to the coronavirus, the media have a friend in the Chinese Communist Party that started this epidemic. The communists would also like Trump to be "racist," because attacking him deflects attention from the party's disgraceful and deadly behavior in hiding the coronavirus from the world to keep the Chinese government looking good.

This anti-Trump bias had led to the latest media meme, which is that the phrases "Wuhan Virus" and "Chinese Virus" are racist. Naturally, Trump doubled down, for he now speaks only of the Chinese Virus. The problem for the media is that they, just a month ago, used the words "Chinese" and "Wuhan" nonstop when referring to the virus. Reporters, therefore, know they're on shaky ground when attacking Trump on this point. (Read more.)

From Crux Now:
Amid the scramble to find a cure for the coronavirus and, in the meantime, to enforce restrictive measures to try to slow down its expansion, there’s been relatively little attention to the underlying factors which may explain why some places have been harder hit, more quickly, than others. One emerging hypothesis, however, is that there may be a correlation between declining fertility rates and rapidly rising elderly populations in many societies around the world, and the extent to which those societies have been impacted by the coronavirus. For the Catholic Church, which has sounded alarms about declining fertility for decades, the situation could offer a grim confirmation of its diagnosis that a rapidly aging society places its future in jeopardy - though no one’s likely to celebrate that it’s required a global pandemic which, to date, has claimed more than 7,000 lives, to put the issue back on the table. (Read more.)

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