Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Media Is Losing the People's Trust

From The Daily Wire:
A new study of the public's confidence in the media found that nearly all Americans — over 95% — are troubled about the current state of the media. While many likely wouldn't go so far as to label the media the "enemy of the peope," a majority were indeed very concerned about the prevalance of "fake news," the reporting of "gossip" rather than fact, "Left-wing" and "Right-wing" agendas steering reports, outright "hit pieces" and "gotcha journalism," and the prevalence of "celebrity opinons" and "lying spokespeople."

Boutique PR firm Bospar released its Ethics in Media study this week ahead of a panel the firm is hosting in San Francisco next week. The study, conducted with Propeller Insights, surveyed 1,010 American adults. The results were eye-opening. Over 95% of the respondents said they were "troubled by the current state of media." (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

In their effort to blacklist and denigrate the President, they have put their credibility and even their ratings in jeopardy. But it makes it easy for the host to prepare a program because all he or she has to do is drag out some talking head who is willing to bad mouth the President and skew and distort anything he says. Whatever subject they decide on, it will fill their time slot for days on end. Even if one loathes the President. it gets boring.