Monday, September 9, 2019

Meanwhile, in Canada...

From LifeSite:
With the rollout of the Ford Government’s new sex-ed curriculum, it would seem that all hope of preventing Ontario’s children from being indoctrinated into the dangerous new gender ideologies wreaking such havoc across the Western world is now lost. Despite Ford’s promise to remove gender theory entirely, it remains firmly in place, and pre-teen children will still be introduced to the subject. The impact of this, as a chilling report from Barbara Kay in the National Post earlier this summer indicates, will be both awful and long-lasting. I know I’ve said this dozens of times already, but it is so essential that we understand this: This is a social experiment on children with devastating, permanent effects on them. 
As I’ve reported before, the numbers of Canadian children identifying as transgender are soaring at an alarming rate, and Canada’s institutions seem to be falling into line with the trans activist agenda, making it mandatory for all Canadians to believe—or at least act like they believe--that gender is fluid. That’s why Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is successfully putting female beauticians out of business for refusing to wax his genitals, and that’s why a Canadian judge recently stated that a father attempting to dissuade his child from physically transitioning constituted “family violence.” (Read more.)

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