Wednesday, December 26, 2018


From Townhall:
Somehow Trump is the unprecedented danger to our democracy.  From Trump’s activities I can think of two incidents where he has caused violence.  One is the guy in his 70s who smacked a 20-something being escorted out of a rally after interrupting it with a disruptive protest.  The other is this nutcase in Florida that was a Trump fan apparently.  But this guy was sick for years and I don’t believe any of these nut jobs should be blamed on any political figure of either party.  They are just mentally ill people grasping onto some thought at the moment.  We are told to accept manifestly demented individuals have a rational political agenda.

The comparison of the supposed negative, violent rhetoric coming from Trump and the negative violent actions coming from the Left is not even close.   Who is the real unprecedented danger to our society? Any action against Trump is OK in these people’s minds because he is a “clear and present danger.”  Though they cannot point to exactly what he has done that is so dangerous.  They just echo chamber the opposition and then it becomes the truth to them even though it cannot be substantiated with actual examples.

The latest proof of Trump being a “danger to all free people” was his recent run-in with CNN’s Jim Acosta at a press conference after the mid-terms.   Never-Trumpers used this as proof that Trump is on the road to dictatorship and suppression of our free press.  I watched the entire press conference.  Trump answered two questions from Acosta even though he tried to only answer the first one, if you can call the first one a question.  Acosta began his comments by saying “I want to challenge you.”  He went on to lecture President Trump about the migrants coming in mass groups to our border from countries in Central America.  We know how that turned out.

The reason Acosta had his WH press credentials taken away was for his ensuing rude and selfish behavior.  He insisted on keeping the microphone, trying to either ask another question or further lecture the president. Other members of the press were waiting their turn to address the issue they were concerned with at the time.  Acosta does this regularly with Press Secretary Sanders. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

I am wondering why the people of the press consider themselves the know all brain trusts regarding policies, issues, what decisions to make about these issues, etc. They challenge and question anything and everything believing they alone have been imbued with all the answers. They are legends in their own minds and most of us are weary of their constant negativity toward the President and their constant efforts to undermine the President and create an atmosphere of unrest in the nation.