Thursday, December 6, 2018

Death of the WASP Elite

Personally, I do not care about background, gender and, least of all, skin color. I care about competency. From The New Republic:
Douthat’s article makes little sense as history. It’s true that the American elite is slightly more diverse than it was when George H. W. Bush went to Yale in the 1940s, but that change has only been at the margins. Bush’s own career (the son of Senator who became both president and the father of another president) shows that WASP power is alive and well. Members of the Bush family still occupy positions of power, as detailed in coverage of their patriarch’s funeral
The term WASP—standing for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant—is a bit anachronistic, since white Catholics are now very assimilated into white culture. If we recognize that white Catholics are now equal partners in WASP culture, then America remains a land overwhelming ruled by WASPs. (Read more.)

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