Monday, November 6, 2017

It’s Time To Refuse to Deal in Death

From The Public Discourse:
The movement in Western societies to bring abortion and euthanasia out of the shadows and into civilized society has been driven by the claims that these procedures are (1) acts of compassion and (2) medical procedures, accompanied by the mistaken notion that the central focus of healthcare is not the care of health but the elimination of all human suffering. Abortion and euthanasia are, of course, neither medical procedures nor acts of true compassion.

My proposal would not be made on grounds of conscience, let alone religious freedom. It would be made on entirely medical grounds: the purpose of the healthcare profession is to restore health and provide compassionate care for those they cannot restore to health. These death-dealing activities are the opposite of health restoration and care.

The integrity of the healing professions is at stake. Thus, the healthcare professions will have nothing to do with them. There will be no participation; there will be no training for them. Any healthcare professional who is involved in these activities will be unceremoniously booted from the profession. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

Interesting way to approach the abortion issue since pro-abortionists rarely use the word and refer instead to "women's health issues", and state that they do not want to be controlled by other's religious beliefs. The concept of addressing abortion as a moral issue never arises.