Monday, October 24, 2011

Henry Norris

One of the men who was unjustly accused of (and killed for) committing adultery with Anne Boleyn.
On May Day, Norris took part in the jousts. When his horse became uncontrollable, Henry VIII gave him his. Did the king know at this point about the accusations against his Queen? We'll never know, but towards the end of the jousts, he received a message (probably informing him that Mark Smeaton had confessed to adultery with the Queen) and just left. While the Queen (and everyone else) wondered at his behaviour, Norris rode back with the King to Westminster. Henry VIII interrogated him, promising him he would be forgiven if he would confess the truth. But he maintained his innocence. When they arrived at York Place, Norris was placed in the custody of Sir William FitzWilliam. He and other members of the Privy Council questioned him. On 2nd May, Norris was taken to the Tower. (Read entire post.)

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