Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beginning the Day

As part of the Life Well Lived Getting Happy campaign, the BlogHer Network is inviting women all over the world to share what they do to get their days off to a good start. Sometimes it is the little things which make us or break us. The negative patterns of thinking, the prayers left unsaid, the interior complaints and the lack of gratitude, can chip away at both body and soul, draining us of energy and of hope. When we allow ourselves to become bogged down in discouragement, then we make it easier for ourselves to underachieve, to be inconsiderate of others, and to generally give in to sloppy living. It is within our power to change the course of our lives by adopting good habits.

One habit which I have found to be indispensable is to make an effort to begin the day well. The way to do this is easy. It means making an effort to focus my waking moments in a positive way. It sounds trite but it is true. I try to turn my thoughts to God and thank Him for giving me another day in which to serve Him and work out my salvation. When we think of God, it puts our troubles in perspective, all the pinpricks, all the headaches, because God is forever; everything else shall pass.

After making a short morning offering to God and the Blessed Mother, I head for the coffee. Coffee helps the material to catch up with the spiritual. As I drink my coffee, I check my email. I am finding it is a bad idea to check Facebook first thing in the morning, because being bombarded with bad news, controversies and quarrels is not always the best way to get oneself motivated.

We live close to the local YMCA, so as many mornings as I can, I like to start the day with a swim. Swimming is the best exercise in the world. You can get the best work-out almost effortlessly. I have found that swimming relaxes my mind and in doing so helps me to clear out the cobwebs. For those of you who write, you know how important it is to keep the mind uncluttered, since writers' brains tend to become as chaotic as our desks. I have found, however, that a brisk forty-five minute swim restores order and harmony to my thoughts. After a good swim, I am ready for anything.

Please share your secret for starting the day on a positive note by going HERE. By the way, BlogHer is offering a $250 prize. Please click HERE to find out how you can win.


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