Saturday, July 17, 2010

Know Thy Enemy

Knowledge is power. Fr. Angelo Mary writes:
I have mentioned before that Catholic militancy is in the first place about the interior life and that our real adversaries are not men who are “enemies of the Church,” but principalities and powers.  This can also be taken a step further.  Even in the external order where Catholic Action comes into play, the greatest opposition will come from the dark powers, whether through temptation or something more extraordinary like oppression and obsession.
But I believe there is also a middle between the two.  As regular readers of this blog will know, I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories.  One reason for this is because I have found that in order for  something that appears to be the result of a “grand scheme” to occur it is not necessary for the rich and influential to secretly meet in the middle of the night in a hidden black-curtained dungeon, or, for that matter, in a corporate board room.  It is sufficient that men open themselves up to the powers of the netherworld by playing fast and loose with their spiritual life.  My own experience tells me that men can effectively collaborate in nefarious schemes without even knowing that they are doing it.

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Unknown said...

I could not agree more in terms of conspiracy theories. The move throughout history is certainly not of man's own making. To accept that there is a secret cabal behind everything places too much faith in mankind's own abilities. It is certainly a more acceptable approach to assume that men work together, as tools more or less, for a "greater evil"