Monday, July 12, 2010

Chambers, Rand, and Beck

Does Mr. Beck know who Whittaker Chambers is? (Via Colleen Hammond) To quote:
I missed his program from June 15th, but on his site I saw that he quoted Whittaker Chambers as one of the media elite who mocked Rand. I have to ask, “Is Beck really aware of who Chambers is?”
Last week, he had a show dealing with the history of American communism and plastered a picture of Alger Hiss on his blackboard. Hiss, the underground communist agent who stood at FDR’s side at Yalta and who was instrumental in secreting classified government information to the Soviet Union, was only outed because of Whittaker Chambers
Chambers had been in the underground with Hiss, but then broke from communism, found faith in God, became a senior editor at Time, gave explosive testimony about Hiss in congressional hearings in 1948, which led to Hiss’s conviction on perjury charges, and then told his story in a highly publicized autobiography called Witness.

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Julygirl said...

Beck's ranting, (and that's what it is), has made him a multi-millionaire. The only way to listen to him is after having imbibed in a strong drink, (or two), otherwise he is the most demoralizing voice on the current media scene. I question anything that comes out of his mouth. When did he become the Moses of the right? His influence is scary, especially in this age when most people rarely take the time to read and take their history lessons from him.