Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Write an Historical Novel

Some tips from the gifted Stephanie Cowell.
Novels are so not much written as sculpted or molded from thousands of different things: history, a real character, a feeling you had when your mother left you when you were six, something you always longed for, a blue dress, a young man with dark eyes, a war, a dream. Then you combine hair styles, warm ale for breakfast, cobbled streets and so on. Thousands of things somehow finally come together in a plot line and become a novel.


May said...

When I was younger, I used to love writing stories and these days, I have several ideas for historical novels I *wish* I could write (and even some titles). But at the moment I have neither the time nor sufficient knowledge for it.

elena maria vidal said...

You are an excellent writer, Matterhorn and I have no doubt you will have the time someday to write the books you are meant to write, God willing!

May said...

Oh, thank you, that means alot coming from you.