Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last Letter of Mary Stuart

The letter written by Mary Queen of Scots a few hours before her execution is now on display. (Via Alexandra)

Written in French, the letter is addressed to Henri III, King of France, and shows Mary’s belief that she died a religious martyr and not for purely political reasons, as the English government alleged.

Despite being moments from death, she even thinks of her servants and asks Henri to ensure their wages are paid.

It was last seen in public 30 years ago and since then the library’s visitors have only been able to view a digitally enhanced reproduction of the manuscript as it is stored under tightly-controlled conditions to ensure its preservation and prevent damage from heat, light and humidity.

The letter will be on display within a glass case for seven days only and it is unknown whether the original will ever go on display again for conservation reasons.


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Scott Driza said...

That's amazing that she thanked her servants - especially in those days. I'd love a chance to look at the original, but the geographic problem is too great. I wonder if she left a Last Wil and Testament we may be able to view some day?