Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trianon Tea Room

Please visit my new Trianon Tea Room! Since is more than just books, I have tried to gather together a few treasures which readers of this blog might enjoy, all pertaining to the art of tea-time. I'll be adding to the inventory every few days, so do check in once in awhile to see what's new. Hopefully it will be a helpful resource for everything from planning a party to teaching children about manners. There are plenty of ideas for creative gifts as well. Enjoy! Share


May said...

Oh, wow! I love tea! Very civilized.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I will visit often!

I see that on the side there is a section for "Similar Items." I noticed a couple of books for young children regarding tea parties; however, they seem to be directed towards girls. I have a 4-year-old son. What recommendations do you have for books on tea parties and manners for little boys?

Thank you!

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Juliana! There are some books for boys on page 5 of the Books and Music section.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I missed those! Thank you!

God Bless,

Lucy said...

What a lovely addition to your blog!

Alexandra said...

I love those new Amazon widgets! I was wondering what the astore widget did - very nice!