Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Overcoming Fear

Let us help each other not to be anxious about the future.
If anything, the current economic crisis underscores just how interconnected we all are. We all need each other to keep the economic engine going. So, while it is foolish to spend outside one’s means. It is necessary that we do continue to spend and share the wealth that we do have. We shouldn’t hoard our money. The only way to fight the fear that is so prevalent is if we all work together against it and refuse to let it define us. We need to follow the Biblical injunction to hand over our fear to the Lord. We need to trust that, somehow, things will get better. And, we need to continue to share the monetary resources that we do have with others. We can’t let the fear win. Reacting out of fear will only make the problem worse.


Lucy said...

Yes...concentrating on fear detracts you from hope and trust that things will get better. How pompous for us to think that everything is totally in our control. Thanks Elena.

Kyle Cupp said...

Wise words. Without a spirit of courageous generosity informing our economic choices, no market solutions or government programs will cure our economic woes.