Thursday, January 15, 2009

More on Calling Cards

Some readers have asked me about the difference between calling cards and business cards. Here is an explanation:
Steeped in the ultra-formal Victorian code of social etiquette, calling cards have made a fashionable resurgence in our fast-paced 21st-century lives. They are the perfect personal introduction for those occasions when a business card is too business-like....Typestyles can be contemporary or traditional, with many design layouts to fit one’s personal style. Most calling cards can be ordered with matching envelopes so they can easily double as elegant gift cards, with plenty of room on the back for a quick message. "When it's important to share contact information but the occasion just isn't right for a standard business card, a calling card is the perfect way to share your important contact information while expressing your individual style," explains Crane marketing manager, Megan Kuntze.

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Anonymous said...

For a complete understanding of calling cards, tell the persons asking about them to read _Anne of Green Gables_. It has a brilliantly humorous illustration of their use when Anne and her friend go a-calling. :-D