Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New America

This morning I awoke to an America which, for the most part, cares nothing about extending the slaughter of the unborn. While the fact of infanticide bothers me, it obviously does not bother many other people. I am amazed at how many are not bothered by it at all, even after everything that science has shown us about life in the womb. There is no excuse for such callous disregard of unborn babies. As for our president elect, his voting record is public; it has not been hidden. He has been very open about his opinion on abortion; it is no secret. Yet it seems not to matter, not even to many Roman Catholics.

Many fellow citizens also are completely unconcerned about living under socialism. People seem to want the government to take care of them, but being taken care of often means ceding one's civil rights. It must be admitted, our country has been creeping in this direction for many, many years. What we face now did not happen over night. The groundwork has been laid by past leaders, many of whom have portrayed themselves as being conservative.

Perhaps it is human nature to look to politics for solutions to all problems. People want a political savior, someone who will make life in this world easier and more tolerable. We expect our leaders to be omnipotent, to accomplish things that are beyond the scope of one person to achieve. Of course, politics should be used as a tool for doing good, for working towards social justice. However, I have come to believe that some evils will be vanquished only when hearts are changed, when minds are enlightened to true goodness. To change minds and hearts is ultimately beyond human power; there is only one Savior. Let us trust Him, and not in human institutions and political parties.