Sunday, November 2, 2008


Catherine Delors shares a beautiful and cherished custom.

More on All Saints and All Souls, HERE. (Via The Western Confucian) Share


Unknown said...

I love chrysanthemums! I find them cheerful and soulful. Chrysanthemums are to the French as marigolds are to the Mexicans. They put out the marigolds on altars for Dia del los Muertos. I think it's Incan in origin. I'll have to look this up, I forget.

Thanks for the links to Catherine Delors blog. I've added it to Bloglines. Between the two of you, my mind is lifted up. :) Have a peaceful Sunday.

elena maria vidal said...

You, too, Alexandra!

cyurkanin said...

This is one of the most beautiful pages I've come across! Very peaceful indeed and spiritually as well as intellectually informative without any intimidation. Thank you, it's leading me straight to order Trianon.
During your research, I wonder if you found any fact in the story of Louis XVI writing "Rien" in his diary on the day the Bastille was stormed. I've heard that he did, but was only referring to his hunting trip.
Thanks again for this work of art!
May Jesus and Mary be with you on your way,

elena maria vidal said...

Well, thank you, how kind. Louis XVI indeed wrote "Rien" in his hunting journal because he had caught nothing that day. It did not mean that he was unconcerned about the events in Paris, as his behavior indicates that he was deeply concerned and engaged.

Catherine Delors said...

Thank you so much for the link, Elena! I too fell in love with this painting at first sight. It perfectly sums up "La Toussaint" and deserves to be better known. Thanks for spreading the word about it.

elena maria vidal said...

You are welcome, Catherine!