Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Defense of Adoption

Some Catholics are against it. Heidi explains why adoption is a valid and effective Christian response. More HERE. Share


Anonymous said...

A wonderful, honest, article. My husband and I adopted our son when he was 7 months old. I was naive when we adopted him. I assumed all Christians would view adoption in a positive light. Most have, but we have experienced some harsh comments. Some negative comments are due to the fact that our son is Hispanic, and we are not. However, we live near Miami, Florida and the preschool he attends is almost completely Hispanic. We wanted to make sure that he learns Spanish from native speakers and that he is immersed in the Hispanic culture here.

I didn't realize before we adopted how many adoptees really experience a sense of loss. My son turned 4 this year, so even though we talk about adoption freely in our house, we know that he does not yet realize what that really means. It pains me to know that he will probably experience some sort of grieving period. I can only pray that, by God's grace, he will heal and move on.

Thank you for posting these links.


elena maria vidal said...

Thank you very much, Juliana, for sharing your own experience of the challenges of adoption. I will pray for your son. How blessed he is to have you!

Pentimento said...

I've been surprised recently to discover that some Catholics oppose adoption. It seems to me that advocating FOR adoption would be a natural part of being pro-life. Of course there are problems, but that can be true for biological children too, even in the best families. I would think that adoption, if one is called to it, is truly one of the works of mercy. What is a better alternative for these poor little ones?

elena maria vidal said...

Agreed. I see adoption as heroic and highly commendable and cannot fathom why anyone would be against it.

Lucille said...

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