Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Life in Nature

Under the Gables examines the life and work of Beatrix Potter.
All of her life, Beatrix leapt from science to art to fancy and back again as effortlessly as a child playing hopscotch. She started out at as a precocious naturalist, sketching and painting the animals that she managed to draw close to her during summer vacations in Scotland. Her purpose was to capture the subject with ever-increasing accuracy. For every adorable mouse in a print apron or rabbit in a blue coat on the pages of her little books, there were probably hundreds of sketches and paintings of this animal over years. The secret to the charm of her anthropomorphism is the precision of her knowledge of the responses of the creature in movement and emotion.


May said...

I love Beatrix Potter.

elena maria vidal said...

Me, too. From earliest childhood, her books were a part of life.