Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Lord of Misrule

It is the Twelfth Night.

Fisheaters has everything you need to know about Twelfth Night, including a poem by Robert Herrick:
Twelfth Night: Or King and Queen

Now, now the mirth comes
With the cake full of plums,
Where bean's the king of the sport here;
Beside we must know,
The pea also
Must revel, as queen, in the court here.

Begin then to choose,
This night as ye use,
Who shall for the present delight here,
Be a king by the lot,
And who shall not
Be Twelfth-day queen for the night here.


tubbs said...

All right, so my Epiphany cake flopped. Did you have to be so cruel as to post this pic of me dancing around with the failed floppy pastry? I was merely trying to cheer myself up with a little jig and a double jigger of schnapps.

The North Coast said...

I've seen bars like this. I'll bet this place was pretty disreputable in its time.

Terry Nelson said...

If only we were neighbors! happy Twelfth Night.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, you could have come over for dinner! We had roast beef and lots of Southern Comfort!