Friday, November 6, 2015

The Trouble with Angels (1966)

One of my favorite films. It reminds me of the Visitation Academy where I once taught. From Aleteia:
 Released while the Church was shuddering through its first Post Vatican II transitions, Ida Lupino’s The Trouble with Angels remains a family favorite in a surprising number of households. Meant to be a Pollyanna-free showcase for the teenaged Hayley Mills, the simple comedy—formulaic, sentimental and unapologetically Catholic—somehow manages moments that are—dare we say it, scathingly brilliant!

It’s based on a true story! The Trouble with Angels is adapted from Life with Mother Superior by Jane Trahey, who attended a Catholic day school now known as Providence-St. Mel’s School.  Mary Clancy’s character was based on Trahey’s friend Mary Courtney, who later became Sister John Eudes, a Sinsinawa Dominican. (Read more.)

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