Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christiada (2011)

Now THIS is a film I must see. Some Carmelite Monasteries in America were founded by nuns fleeing the brutal persecution of the Church in Mexico. Share


Julygirl said...

Looks like a few A-list actors starring in it.

boinky said...

the Visitation sisters in Philadelphia also came from Mexico after their hidden convent was found (If I remember correctly, a bunch of houses centered around a courtyard, and you could only get into the convent via the courtyard...but someone spied and found them so they had to flee).

Also, when I worked with the Mescalero Apaches, the founding priest, Father Braun, smuggled papers for the Catholics hiding in Mexico. He was a character: even Volunteered to go with the NMNG to defend Manila, and survived the death march and the POW camps. Wish they would make a movie about him.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you for reminding me about the Visitation nuns in Philadelphia, Boinky. They are a beautiful community. I used to go to Mass there when I was in town. And yes, someone should definitely make a movie about Fr. Braun.

boinky said...

Few of the articles on line mention Father Braun's mexican link, but the St Joseph's mission website does:

During the late twenties Father Al found himself embroiled in the Mexican Revolution. When the anti-clerical Obrégon and Calles regimes outlawed all clergy and began confiscating church property, Father Al volunteered to cross the border incognito, carry money and messages to priests driven underground, and “purchase” Franciscan property to save it from seizure. He and Father Dave Kirgan, disguised as businessmen tourists, made three dangerous trips into Mexico, worked covertly, accomplished their mission – and relished every cloak-sans-dagger minute.

I'm happy about the new film on the Mexican revolution, since few Americans even know about that persecution of Catholics.

elena maria vidal said...

WHAT a hero!! And he was in the Philippines, too! That is fascinating. Thank you very much for the link, Boinky!

Yes, I am really looking forward to the Christiada film.