Saturday, April 17, 2021

An Apartment in Lisbon

From ArchDaily:

When transformed into an individual fraction of housing, the apartment was occupied by Pedro Espirito Santo known as the host of the best parties and dinners in Lisbon, and the 11 rooms served this purpose perfectly. In 2019 the apartment acquired a new owner, with a clear family structure. The intervention program in the space was based on the maintenance, conservation, and restoration of all the architectural heritage of the property, but adapting it to family needs - from 1 bathroom we now have 6 independent bathrooms.

 All the work was based on the premise that the interventions should be silent enough not to be noticed, or to dispute the attention for the pre-existing. If the recovery works were to be silent in the form and choice of materials, the interior design project chose a careful selection of timeless design pieces - as if from the height of 18th-century art we could in the same space and suddenly travel to what is best produced in 21st-century design. History is written today in a different language. With other objects, and arguments even if the principle remains present: a house to live and be lived in. (Read more.)