Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lauren Rossi's Gowns

 From the Daily Mail:
Just outside Central Park, on New York City's Upper East Side, Lauren Rossi is waiting for an UberPOOL, looking as if she had just stepped out of the 18th century – with a twist. The elegant, deep blue gown she is wearing – dyed in an ombre, with gold leaf around the wide hooped skirt and overdress and intricate embroidered beading on the bodice – is completely handmade by Lauren herself, inspired by the Rococo style of the 18th century. She does have some 'modern' accents, as well, including gold makeup flecks she applied above her cheekbones and her necklace and earrings, which are mourning jewelry dated from 1913.

Over her shoulders, she is wearing a 1960s fur collar, and on her left forearm she is wearing a fur muff from about the 1950s – which is her guess because of the metal zipper inside – while she holds her iPhone in her right, checking on when her UberPOOL is supposed to arrive. 'I'm convinced in my Uber rating it says "dresses weird",' Lauren says. As she talks, the feathers pinned to her done-up hair move with her.

She might not look like it, but Lauren works a corporate job in New York City. She is a brand manager and does product development for the mass market apparel industry, including yoga pants and 'casual clothes', but in her spare time – practically all of her spare time – she makes intricately designed gowns inspired by 18th century fashion by hand.
'I just feel complete when I dress like this,' she tells 'I feel like it's a way of expressing myself, it's a way of embracing a femininity that I like and so, it just feels right.' (Read more.)

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