Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Holding Court

Here are pictures of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette holding court. They were almost always surrounded by crowds of people, even though both made an attempt to have hours of solitude and privacy. Above is a posthumous painting of the Queen receiving petitioners while walking in the gardens of Versailles.

Above is the ceremony of June, 13 1775 by Gabriel François Dean (1726-1806).  King Louis XVI receives the homage of the Knights of the Holy Spirit, as the great master of the order. The King's brothers stand behind him, talking to each other, as usual. The Queen and her ladies watch from a gallery opposite the King. Below is the Order of the Holy Spirit.

Above is an allegory in honor of Louis XVI by Gabriel Jacques De Saint-Aubin. The young Queen is staring adoringly at her husband. The mythological or Biblical figures which are typical in allegorical drawings show the expectations that the young monarchs were bringing forth an apocalyptic age. Share

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