Thursday, June 18, 2015

Marie-Antoinette and Tolerance

Someone wrote to me, accusing me of intolerance because of my defense of the marriage bond. I was told I should take Marie-Antoinette as an example, because she was tolerant. But really, it is not that I am against "gay marriage." There is no such thing as "gay marriage" for me to be against. For two persons of the same sex to "marry" is a biological impossibility according to the natural law and any human laws to the contrary are aiding and abetting a fantasy. Anyone who wants to stop following my blog because of my opinion on this issue is free to do so. But don't throw Marie-Antoinette up to my face and say that she would be in favor of "gay marriage" because she was "tolerant." Marie-Antoinette was a practicing Catholic who refused to receive the sacraments from any priest not in union with Rome. She was loyal to the Church, and sins against nature were particularly repellent to her. Share


julygirl said...

I have noticed that many of the people who accuse others of not being tolerant are themselves intolerant. Everyone has an opinion and a right to that opinion. The fact is, our Federal government has taken on issues that are not in their realm to enforce, and citizens have the right to protest without being verbally attacked by those who have a different opinion.

Kaitlyn said...

I have observed this also! It's a shame. Those who say that we are without love of our neighbors tend to be even less tolerant and forgiving than us. The hypocrisy is blatant.