Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Elegant French Interior

From Victoria:
Through the viewfinder of her own camera, transplanted American Corey Amaro guides us through the four-hundred-year-old French home she has painstakingly designed as a haven for hand-me-down treasures and flea-market finds.

 “The sense of love” is among the prized possessions in Corey Amaro’s home, she says, along with “an angel that my grandmother brought with her when she left the Azores and came to America alone when she was 14.”

This home is hidden off an alley in a one-thousand-year-old fishing village so anchored in history, it boasts roads built by the ancient Roman engineers. It is filled with French antiques, pieces Cory carefully chose and arranged just so to create a constant source of serenity and to help stave off the kind of homesickness that only an expat can feel. (Read more.)

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