Sunday, June 21, 2015

Death of Fersen

From Vive la Reine:
June 20th, 1810
Axel Fersen, who had been falsely accused of poisoning the Crown Prince of Sweden, was attacked by a mob during the prince’s funeral procession. The guards and police riding with the procession did nothing to halt the attack, which grew from insults and rocks to a vicious assault. Fersen was ultimately beaten and stomped to death.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...


In 1808-1809 the real King Gustav IV Adolf (not to be confused with the monster of the Thirty Years War, Gustav II Adolf!) had lost Finland to the Czar, who was at the time allied to Napoleon.

He loses the throne to a Cabal of freemasons, who insert his freemason uncle Charles (as Charles XIII) as king in his place.

Since "uncle Charles" was childless, he adopted a Danish prince as Crown prince.

This prince falls off a horse in apoplexy, the fault is not with having eaten too much before exercising too much, no, the problem is that his archiater was also domestic practitioner to von Fersen, and therefore set up to poison the crown prince. This rumour then led to the crowd killing von Fersen.

Note that the crowd must most probably have been relying on someone claiming to have privileged information. Could that have been a freemason?