Sunday, November 16, 2014

Madame de Lamballe Condemned

It is terrible how that guard is holding her in such a familiar manner. (Via Vive la Reine.) Share


The North Coast said...

What is really, really terrible is what happens to her next, thankfully not depicted here. Her murder was an unspeakably vile crime.

lara77 said...

The vile crimes that happened during the so called "great" French Revolution. France should hang its head in shame for all the murders and violence committed in the republic's name.

Jack B. said...

It's rather sad that most people think of her as Marie-Antoinette's simple-minded sycophant when she was a kind, charitable lady who chose loyalty above her own life and was rewarded with one of the most gruesome and horrific murders in recorded history - and none of those responsible were ever called to account for it. I'm sure several were still alive at the Bourbon Restoration. It's just that nobody cared anymore.