Saturday, November 8, 2014

A New Biography of Katherine Howard By Conor Byrne

I would love to read it. From Nerdalicious:
What’s often forgotten in accounts of Katherine is her youth and her inexperience. She’s often compared to Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour, but what should be remembered is that both Anne and Jane were in their mid-twenties when Henry VIII began courting them, and both had served queens for a considerable amount of time (including her stay in France: Anne Boleyn for a total of thirteen or fourteen years; Jane Seymour at least seven). Katherine, by contrast, was favoured by the king barely a few months into her arrival at court, and she was around sixteen or seventeen. Despite these drawbacks, evidence indicates she took her responsibilities seriously. She acted as patron, provided for her family and friends, corresponded with Cranmer and was a loving and dutiful wife to Henry. Yes, she may have initially experienced difficult relations with her elder stepdaughter Mary, but evidence shows the two eventually developed a cordial relationship, and Katherine seems to have got on well with Elizabeth. She also maintained friendly relations with her predecessor, Anne of Cleves. This suggests a conscientious attempt on her part to get on well with others. (Read more.)

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