Saturday, November 15, 2014

A New Wedgwood Pattern

From Architectural Digest:
British designer Kit Kemp—who, with husband Tim, owns the popular brand Firmdale Hotels—has partnered with British tabletop company Wedgwood on a new design. The Mythical Creatures collection, which debuted earlier this fall, is based on Kemp’s identically named embroidered fabric line for Chelsea Textiles. The bone-china pieces, from plates and platters to tea and coffee accessories, are adorned with whimsical characters and hand-painted gold detailing that recalls a blanket stitch. Kemp has always been one to embrace color, pattern, and texture, and this newest project is no exception. (Read more.)

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Supertradmum said...

Love this pattern, and thanks for sharing. My son has made himself an expert on ancient, medieval and modern tea sets from Korea, China and Japan.

I shall have to ask his opinion...but I love the colors and shapes. Very Renaissance imo